Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum Bath Oil 125ml


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Olverum (named from the Latin oleum verum, meaning ‘true oil’) is an extraordinary bath exilir. Originally created by Franz and Edith Otto Klein in the 1930s at Mönchhof, their home on the banks of Germany's River Mosel, the theraputic benefits of this high quality oil has been passed by word of mouth from generation to generation. Such a history and sustained following has elevated interest in Olverum and it continues to win over new users; a quite icon in the making, we wonder?

Made in England using a unique blend of natural herbal oils, including Siberian fir Needle, Lavandin, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, Exotic Verbena, True Lavender, Lime, Juniper and Geranium, added to a warm bath this highly concentrated oil provides a lovely relaxing experience for both body and mind.

125ml (enough for 25 baths)


Not Tested on Animals

Not suitable if you are suffering from a medical condition, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Use only as directed: Olverum Bath Oil is highly concentrated and only half a capful (5ml) is needed per bath. Add half a capful to a run warm bath. Disperse the oil with your hand.