Silk Eye Masks

Silk Eye Masks


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These striking limited edition silk eye masks are an excellent gift. With plenty of padding for maximised comfort, they are stylishly made from pure silk and are exceptionally soft to the touch. For an extra special flair, the masks have a comfortable elasticated silk strap and a satin pipe trim to ensure light stays filtered out.

Being unique and bold, these products are created by a British company who have an art of mixing heritage themes with contemporary colours and prints. Their motto is ‘Life in Colour’ and they fully embrace this by always thinking outside of the box. Designs change each season so that their range is kept fresh, giving each piece an ever strong character.

Please choose from the following four patterns:

  • Felt Tip Lovers
  • Lucy & the Golden Swallows
  • Kiss the Skies
  • Check Zebras

Dimensions: H:10cm, L:20cm

Materials: Silk

Care: Wash gently in cold water by hand.