La Vita è Bella: The Elegant Art of Living in the Italian Style

La Vita è Bella


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La Vita è Bella: The elegant art of living in the Italian style

by Jill Foulston

La Vita è Bella celebrates Italy's surprises. Focusing on four of its best-loved regions, this lavishly illustrated book explores Italy's love of architecture, customs and food. Each chapter travels through these regions sharing authentic mouthwatering traditional recipes, visits to Italian gardens and caffès, olive oil, Italian cinema, opera, quotations and more. The chapters also include a glimpse into 15 individual homes, including a wonderful Tuscan farmhouse boasting its own chapel!

A beautiful book brimming with wonderful imagery, perfect to dip into, over and over, or read at length.




Dimensions: H:27.9cm, W:22cm, D:3cm

ISBN-10: 1784880434
ISBN-13: 978-1784880439


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