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New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian

by Greg & Lucy Malouf

The relaxed and flexible style of Middle Eastern cuisine means it's the perfect food to serve to friends and family, or if you're planning to throw an informal social gathering.

In New Feast, the Maloufs (both well-acclaimed food and travel writers) introduce over 130 modern Middle Eastern-inspired vegetarian recipes that tantalise the taste buds and can be mixed-and-matched - always handy if you're short of time, or not confident with combining flavours.

The Middle Eastern diet is largely vegetarian (depending on the region) due to the climate and terrain offering the perfect growing conditions, and this has given Middle Easterners a unique heritage of knowing how to cook more interestingly with vegetables, legumes and grains. The addition of spices - whether North African or Persian in origin - brings more intensity to the dishes, and a unique and exotic flavour.

Using the staple ingredients of grains, legumes, couscous and rice, cook up delicious food from breakfast milk rolls, breads and pizzas, savoury butters and preserves, hearty soups, divine savoury pastries, warming cooked vegetable salads, hot vegetable dishes, refreshing ices, mouth-watering desserts, sticky sweet pastries, and tempting cakes and cookies.

Pick of the recipes: Baked tomatoes with saffron, bulgar and barberries; Middle Eastern Pizzas (for the suggested range of toppings); Pumpkin kibbeh stuffed with feta and spinach; Baby carrot tagine with yoghurt and honeyed pine nuts; Lebanese dirty rice; Chocolate mulhallabeya with Turkish coffee granita...


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