The New Nordic: Recipes from a Scandinavian Kitchen by Simon Bajada

The New Nordic


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The New Nordic: Recipes from a Scandinavian Kitchen

By Simon Bajada


Bring a little Nordic style into your kitchen! Food photographer and former chef Simon Bajada showcases the rich food history and ancient cultures of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, revisiting ancient cooking techniques from across the region, often with a modern twist.

New Nordic cuisine celebrates traditional Scandinavian ingredients prepared in contemporary ways, and modern Scandinavian cooks use the freshest possible ingredients, locally sourced and often foraged from the land, the sea and the forest.

The harmony and subtle complexity of modern Scandinavian cookery is demonstrated in recipes such as Venison, Grilled Plums and Celery, and Nettle Dumplings with Rhubarb and Bacon. Recipes are interwoven with stories and anecdotes and temptingly illustrated.