The Catalan Kitchen

The Catalan Kitchen


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The Catalan Kitchen: From Mountains to City and Sea – Recipes from Spain's Culinary Heart

by Emma Warren

Catalonia is a beautiful region on the west coast of the Mediterranean and blessed with one of the richest food cultures in Europe. Although Catalonia is still geographically and politically connected to Spain, Catalans consider themselves independent with their own language, history, culture and cuisine. Its food is considered unique in Spain, and it is home to one of the highest concentrations of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world.

Unlike in other parts of Spain, Catalan cuisine does not centre around tapas, and although pintxos do feature heavily, they are not the mainstay of the region and most dishes are larger, stand-alone meals. Dishes are heavily influenced by pork and fresh seafood with a focus on fresh, seasonal produce that varies from recipes as simple as crushed tomatoes smeared on bread to hearty, slow-cooked stews. Famous dishes include calcots – large salad onions cooked on a coal barbecue and then dipped into nutty and addictive Romesco sauce, a unique paella made without saffron and the addition of vermicelli noodles, myriad types of Catalan sausage served with white beans, sauces such as aioli and picada, and multiple pastries and desserts including the crème Catalan (a version of crème brûlée).

Beautifully packaged with stunning location and food photography, The Catalan Kitchen is the ultimate cookbook for lovers of Spanish and Mediterranean food.

Emma Warren has been sous chef to some of Australia's biggest names including Philippa Sibley and Karen Martini. When she's not working in some of Melbourne's most famous restaurants she can be seen working as home economist extraordinaire to some of Australia's best-loved celebrity chefs including Matt Preston. Emma earned her chef wings in Barcelona and is classically trained in Catalan cuisine. The Catalan Kitchen is her first book.


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