The New Vegetarian by Alice Hart

The New Vegetarian


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The New Vegetarian

By Alice Hart


With 100 delicious, feel-good vegetarian recipes, this book reflects the way we want to eat now with food that is tasty and healthy. Alice Hart calls it ‘thoughtful eating’, and the pages of this cookery book are filled with recipes for vegetarians that aren’t too tricky or patronising.

Starting with a chapter on Mornings, and moving on to Grazing, Quick, Thrifty, Gatherings, Grains, Afters and Store Covers, the pages are filled with recipes with mouth-watering accompanying images. Sweet Potato Cakes with Lime and Avacado, Butter-glazed Radishes with Capers and Walnuts, Cheddar Quesadillas with Kale and Black Beans, Quinoa with Broad Bean Falafel and Lemon, Fig and Leaf Ice Cream with Fresh Figs, are just a few of the selections. And there’s a list of stockist and suppliers as well some handy Cook’s Notes.