Champagne Coolers

Champagne Coolers


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These sustainable sheepskin Champagne Coolers are a stylish way to retain the temperature of your favourite tipple, whether a chilled bottle of fizz, icy water, or a chambré burgundy. The natural insulating properties of 100% natural sheepskin, combined with the air lock leather cord around the neck of the bottle, will keep your pre-cooled bottle cold for up to four hours. Alternatively, having warmed your red wine to room temperature, the sheepskin will maintain this level.

This unique and effective bottle cooler is lightweight and protects the bottle from breaking in transit. It makes a great gift for someone who travels, simply enjoys a glass in style, or who loves to serve a bottle of something special with friends and family around the table.

 Available in two finishes:

  • Brown 
  • Silver Sparkle