Christian Lacroix Poker Face Playing Cards

Christian Lacroix Poker Face Playing Cards


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Christian Lacroix is an internationally renown French fashion designer. His trademark style is an impossibly cool mixture of luxurious casualness (the French have a word for it: insouciance!). Superbly packaged, these two decks of Poker Face playing cards are the epitome of sumptuous insouciance – a combination of sophistication and humour.

The presentation box contains two individually packaged decks of 54 cards, the cards in each pack decorated with a diamond or spade design on the reverse, and individual Lacroix illustrations on the face. 

Contents: Two decks of 54 playing cards


Cards: heavily coated thick paper,
Box: foil stamped cardboard box with flap top, woven silk pull to open, magnetic closure


Cards: 10.7cm x 7cm
Box: H:16cm, W:12cm, D:3cm