Blue Cirrus 2 Fabric Steamer

Cirrus 2 Fabric Steamers


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Steaming your clothes is a fast and easy way of getting wrinkle-free and fresh clothes. In a winning melding of high technology with Scandinavian design, the minimalistic-looking Cirrus 2 Fabric Steamer tackles this task with flair.

An efficient alternative to the iron, the sleek Cirrus 2 heats up in seconds. You can steam a complete outfit on one tank and you don’t need an ironing board.

It works on all kinds of fabrics, from a silk blouse to a linen shirt, so your clothes are smooth, wrinkle free and presentable. Steam also reduces odours and removes shallow dirt.

The wide heat plate in brushed steel is designed to create an even flow and lift the textile fabric. The large water tank has a lining that resists limescale buildup. Great for travelling, you can charge it by USB.

Complete with a Heat Protection Bag/Glove to store your steamer when not in use; this doubles as an 'ironing board' when you need to press the fabric into a crease.

In a smart presentation box.

Available in three  colours in a modern matt finish: Black, Blue, Pink

Capacity: 90ml (Tank takes tap water but distilled water is recommended)

Power: 1500W, 220-240V/50-60Hz; USB charging point

Dimensions: H:33cm, W: 15cm, D:11cm

Weight: 0.85kg


USB charging cord included, L:22cm.

Can be used worldwide.