Burford Strawberry Jam

Burford Strawberry Jam


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Fruity and scrumptious, our Burford Strawberry Jam contains nothing but strawberries, sugar and pectin (to help it set). As a result it has the unadulterated taste of summer fruit, preserved in a jar to be enjoyed throughout the year. Produce some marvellous scones and whipped cream to accompany the jam and you'll have the perfect English tea.

(For those home-schooling Shakespeare at the moment, ‘strawberry jam pot’ is a useful, old school way of describing the rhythm of an iambic pentameter!)

Container: Resealable glass jar with glass lid, rubber seal and metal fixings

Weight: 414g

Ingredients: Sugar, strawberries, pectin

Prepared with 50g fruit per 100g
Total sugar content: 68g per 100g

Refrigerate after opening and use within one month.