Chimi & Mayo


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This Chimi and Mayo plant-based chimichurri and mayonnaise is smooth, light and creamy with the perfect pop of heat from the hot chimichurri sauce stirred through.

Enjoy this with grilled vegetables, fish, meat or even as a dip on its own, this extremely versatile sauce will add an amazing flavour to any dish!

Created by a couple with roots in Colombia and South Africa and a love for BBQ, food and wine, Chimilove recipes have been refined over the last 10 years to produce the most unique mix of quality ingredients.

Size: 190ml

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Extra Virgin olive oil, Jalapeno peppers, Sugar, Shallots, Apple cider vinegar, Salt, Potato starch, Parsley, Lemon juice concentrate, Chilli flakes, Minced garlic, Oregano

Dietary Information: Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.