Favourites Gift Bag

Favourites Gift Bag


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Presented in a delicate bag, this Favourites Gift Collection from the boutique food line, Nicolas Vahe, contains an eclectic selection of oils, salts, and sauces to take your everyday dishes from great to gourmet.

Every item is full of rich, decadent flavouring, such as the Parmesan Cheese and Basil Salt, perfect for flavouring pasta dishes, or the Gourmet Pickle Remoulade, a gorgeous sauce with a blend of sweet and salty flavourings. Perfect for taking your cooking to the next level, or perhaps a fantastic gift for the ‘foodie’ in your life.

Dimensions: H: 35.5cm, W: 13.5cm, D: 23cm 


  • Parmesan Cheese and Basil Salt 320g
  • Pickle’s savoury gourmet sauce 150g
  • Crispy snack, Vinegar & Salt 75g.
  • Pesto Basil & Lemon 135g
  • Olive Oil Garlic 25cl