Large Fine de Champagne Truffle Eggs

Large Fine de Champagne Truffle Eggs



Eye-catchingly beautiful, these papier maché eggs are handmade and hand decorated in Kashmir by a community of skilled artisans, experts in the decorative motifs that have been admired since the Moghul era and passed down through the generations. They are then filled with truffles that are handmade by a small team in Norfolk.

Nestling within each Egg are twelve award-winning truffles of dark chocolate Fine de Champagne ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate. The result is a delicious and sustainable gift of sweetness in a container that can be cherished long after Easter is over.

Please choose from the following patterns: 

  • Blocked floral
  • Black with white flowers
  • Black with red flowers
  • Green with yellow flowers


These treats are organic, dairy free and gluten and soya free, and contain nuts.

Contents: Twelve Fine de Champagne chocolate truffles

Contents: Chocolate (cocoa solids 55%, Cane Sugar, Vanilla), Coconut Oil, Fine de Champagne 5%, Agave Syrup, Cocoa Powder

Box dimensions: H:12cm, W:15cm, D:12cm

Box weight: 138g

Made in the UK, container made in Kashmir, India

Each pattern, being hand painted, may vary slightly from the image.