Spirited Fruits, Large

Burford Spirited Fruits, Large


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Fruits soaked in spirits are the ultimate festive treat!

Perfect for Christmas - sweet black cherries are enhanced with the iconic kirsch flavour from the Black Forest in Germany. These are delicious served with fresh vanilla ice cream, on top of a pudding or even dropped into the bottom of a glass of Champagne!

These juicy peach halves are soaked in a delicious brandy syrup and are truly decadent. While these are great enjoyed on their own, why not serve them with a thick, vanilla cream or ice-cream for the perfect treat. 

Baby pears are perfectly preserved in a sweet Calvados syrup - place on top of an impressive pudding, soak into a slice of cake or even pop it on top of some ice cream! 

Please choose from:

  • Cherries with Kirsch
  • Peaches with Brandy
  • Pears with Calvados

Container: Resealable glass jar with glass lid, rubber seal and metal fixings

Cherries with Kirsch

Weight: 875g 

Ingredients: Cherries (part stoned) (65%), Kirsch (13%), Water, Sugar.

Peaches with Brandy

Weight: 875g

Ingredients: Peaches (part stoned) (76%), Brandy (10%), Sugar, Water.

Pears with Calvados

Weight: 875g

Ingredients: Pears (60%), Water, Sugar, Calvados (8%).