Metáfora Portuguese Olive Oil

Metáfora Portuguese Olive Oil


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If you’re looking for an authentic, single variety olive oil, then choose Metáfora from Trás-os-Montes, a historical province of Portugal with plateaus, river valleys, mountains and castles, located in the north-eastern corner of the country.

Behind those mountains, much of what the world has forgotten still remains intact. This region’s olive tree (Oliveira transmontana) is a living metaphor for the beliefs, superstitions and customs of Transmontano, an area considered to produce the best olive oil in Portugal.

Metáfora, which means ‘metaphor’, is an olive oil created from the fruit of these ancestral olive trees, preserving the timeless qualities of the region, and full of the pride, authenticity and wit of the Transmontano people. The olives are cold pressed in the traditional way on the day of picking, and the unfiltered, extra-virgin olive oil made is in small batches.

This Millennial Blend is made exclusively from centenary and millennial olive trees. Extracted primarily from ‘verdeal’ olives, it has a green, bitter and spicy flavour, with the lowest acidity level and a flawless peroxide value. This perfectly fresh olive oil is a vital seasoning in any Mediterranean dish.

In a brown glass bottle to preserve the oil, stoppered with a wide cork attached with bronzed leather string bearing a metal seal stamped with the initials MA, after the producer’s grandfather, this Portuguese olive oil will be a joy to use.

Ingredients: Pure olive oil

Volume: 500ml (50cl)

Product of Portugal