Midnight Sun Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

Midnight Sun Non-Alcoholic Aperitif


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The Midnight Sun non-alcoholic aperitif takes inspiration from the wild Nordic regions where daylight ventures into the night.This creative combination of elderberries, sea berries, kelp and samphire, using seven core botanicals and a further seven distillates offers a delicate mix of floral and herbaceous tasting notes. Serve with tonic water or mix into a mocktail. 

Crafted by a team of dedicated distillers who decided to explore the non-alcoholic world led by taste and inspired by adventure, this innovative aperitif is perfect for those looking for a non-alcoholic option and do not want to compromise on botanical flavour.

Size: 700ml

0% ABV

Ingredients: Water, grape juice from concentrate, kombucha, natural botanical distillates and extracts. Acids: tartaric and malic. Acidity regulator: sodium citrate. Preservatives: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate. Thickener: xanthan gum.