Orange Slices in Syrup - 1kg

Orange Slices in Syrup


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This jar is filled with slices of Pernambucco orange, soaked in a light syrup and lashings of a local, organically grown Ligurian wine called Pigato marené. The result is a wonderfully sharp, sweet citrussy flavour that is the perfect accompaniment to many puddings, from the more humble yoghurt to extravagantly cooked tarts and cakes.

The Pernambucco orange has a history. Introduced to Liguria (NW Italy) in the 16th century by a Genoese sailor returning from Brazil, it was widely planted and the fruit packed into barrels with wine and sugar and taken on long sea voyages as a source of vitamin C. Now the orange signals a nautical flavour in Liguria quite as strongly as Angusdura bitters do here!

Container: Resealable glass jar with metal lid

Weight: 900g

Ingredients: Oranges (navel and pernambuco) 73%, sugar, Pigato wine (sulphur dioxide and sulphites) 8%.

Storage: Keep refrigerated once open