Pickled Zucchini Trombetta di Albenga - 310g

Pickled Zucchini Trombetta di Albenga


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Pickled Zucchini "Trombetta" courgettes are a wonderful variety of crunchy, sweet Italian courgettes that will best complement cold meats, smoked fish, and cheese in this pickled state. The vegetables have been lightly pickled in "Liquido Baita", a unique blend of Pigato wine, vinegar, and extra-virgin oil. Vegetables are hand-picked and packed into the jars immediately, with the Liquido Baita added before capping.

Container: Resealable glass jar with metal lid

Weight: 310g

Ingredients: Courgette, water, Pigato wine (sulphur dioxide and sulphites), extra-virgin oil (nonno Secúndu), vinegar (sulphites), sugar, salt.

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Storage: Keep refrigerated once open