Cocktail Picante (spicy olives and pickle mix): green pitted olives, black unpitted olives, gherkins, silverskin onions Gordal Picante (spicy Queen olives): queen olives, chilli Manzanilla Picante (spicy Spanish olives): Spanish olives, chilli

Spanish Nunez de Prado Olive Oil


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The rich taste of this extra virgin olive oil reflects the integrity of the family-run Spanish estate on which the olives were grown. Three olives with three distinctive flavours are in the mix: Picudo (floral), Picual (robust), and Hojiblanca (sweet), combining to produce an oil with an intriguing depth of flavour.

A brief reminder, ‘first cold pressing’ means that the harvested olives have been crushed to a paste and then put under mechanical pressure – without heat (below 80°C) or chemicals – to produce the oil. Nunez De Prado is family run estate which has earned a DOP certificate (Protected Designation of Origin) for its organically grown olives.

Container: Recyclable, square metal tin with pull-out plastic spout.

Size: 1L

Organic, vegan, gluten-free and GMO free