Spanish Perelló Olives

Spanish Perelló Olives


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These large tins burst with a taste of Spain. The cocktail olives (shaken not stirred) contain a combination of green pitted, black unpitted olives, onions and gherkins. The other two tins hold either plump, pitted Queen olives or smaller, but equally delicious, pitted Spanish olives, both with a warming hint of guindilla chilli. 

There is a heartening back story. In 1964, from a stall in the famous La Boqueria market in Barcelona, Gaspar Perelló made his name selling the olives he sourced from Andalusian olives groves. When he retired, he entrusted his beloved olive business to his best friend and client who formed the company that now preserves the olives. The remarkable flavours explain the success behind the humble beginnings.

Availabe in three varieties:

  • Gordal Picante (spicy Queen olives)
  • Manzanilla Picante (spicy Spanish olives
  • Cocktail Picante (spicy olives and pickle mix)

Container: Recyclable, metal tin with ring pull

Main ingredients:

  • Cocktail Picante (spicy olives and pickle mix): green pitted olives, black unpitted olives, gherkins, silverskin onions
  • Gordal Picante (spicy Queen olives): queen olives, chilli
  • Manzanilla Picante (spicy Spanish olives): Spanish olives, chilli 

Weight, drained contents: 

  • Cocktail Picante: 700g 
  • Gordal Picante: 600g 
  • Manzanilla Picante: 600g