Pooky Black Monday Table Lamp

Pooky Black Monday Table Lamp


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The Pooky Black Monday Table Lamp lives up to its name – to a degree – it is dark and serious, but it is also stylish and sleek. The black core of this tall table lamp is finished with antiqued brass detail. The base, which is reassuringly sturdy and forbids wobbling, comprises a carved circular chunk of grey marble (look closely and you can see the crystalline twinkle).

The style of this lamp gives huge versatility. You can put it in almost any interior and choose a lampshade that continues the minimalistic look or soften it with a more frivolous, patterned shade.

Material: Brass and marble
Dimensions: Height: 48cm, W:14cm
Flex: Olive green braided three core silk flex
Fitting: This lamp will fit the standard B22 bayonet lightbulb
Please note: To reduce the risk of damage to your lighting purchases, we always arrange for separate delivery for Pooky lighting orders.