Classic Ludo and Snakes Set

Classic Ludo and Snakes Set


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Bringing the family together for some good games is such a simple pleasure, and with this Classic Ludo and Snakes Game Set you have two family favourites to choose from.

Handcrafted by a Greek maker who was inspired to make traditional games after seeing the joy they brought his father once work was over, the quality of this set is exceptional. Compact with playing surfaces on the exterior and a snug space for storage on the inside, you will have endless fun and laughter playing timeless games for many evenings to come.

Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm 


  • Case: Laminated Wood 
  • Playing peces: Plastic playing pieces 

Weight: 2kg 


  • Set of playing pieces 
  • 1 Dice

These game sets are varnished and carefully crafted. However, to ensure a lifetime of fun please follow the below care instructions:

  • Avoid humidity and water contact
  • Clean only with a dry cloth
  • Avoid any chemical use near the set and game pieces, as this could cause discolouring to occur.