Olive Burl Classic Chess Set

Olive Burl Classic Chess Set


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This Chess Set is from a Greek maker who was inspired to make traditional games when he saw the smile across his father’s face once he sat down to play after work. The cornerstone of any games collection, this Chess Set is perfect for entertaining on weekends away or to pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

With a sophisticated and refined design, this is not only a chess set, it also works as a piece of interior décor as well. Handcrafted from the finest olive burl, the wood maintains its natural grain and two-tone colour. Using the art of marquetry the playing surface features real wood inlays, creating a beautifully artistic aesthetic. The shape of the traditional wooden chess pieces (coloured brown and ivory) is referred to as ‘Staunton’, after the mid-nineteenth century chess master Howard Staunton, who designed them.  

Supplied in a sleek storage box, this is a luxurious way to enjoy a classic.

Dimensions: 34cm x 34cm


  • Chessboard: Olive Burl
  • Chess Pieces: Indian Rosewood and Boxwood

Weight: 5kg

Contents: 32 Wooden Staunton Chess Pieces

These game sets are varnished and carefully crafted. However, to ensure a lifetime of fun please follow the below care instructions:

  • Avoid humidity and water contact
  • Clean only with a dry cloth
  • Avoid any chemical use near the set and game pieces, as this could cause discolouring to occur.