Sumac: Recipes and Stories from Syria

Sumac: Recipes and Stories from Syria


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Sumac: Recipes and Stories from Syria

By Anas Atassi

The culturally rich area in which Syria lies is a locus of diversity and culture, bordering with six other nations in the modern period. The diversity and fruits on show are therefore little wonder. With the foods of the region being no exception, they are infused with the history of neighbouring regions. Straight this land comes Anas Atassi, with a new book that takes its name from the rich spice with its origins located in the Middle East, complementing dishes with a mild flavour of lemon.

The recipes in the book take inspiration from Anas Atassis's family favourites, largely inherited from his mother from when he was a child. He states that he is no chef, but this does not diminish the quality of what he has to offer. With stories from Atassi's life and the culture that will set the background to these dishes, the book is also full of rich photographs to bring the dishes into vivid focus. This book is ideal for bringing the tastes of the Middle East to your home.


Extent: 248pp

Illustrations: Coloured photographs

Dimensions: H:25.9cm, W:20.3cm, D:3cm

ISBN-10: 1911668102; ISBN-13: 978-1911668107

Edition: Illustrated, March 2021