Kaweco Fountain Pen Gold

Kaweco Fountain Pen Gold


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This Kaweco Fountain Pen has all the stylistic gravitas you would want from a serious pen, but it is also satisfying to write with and tactile to hold.

Fountain pens are highly personal and are often given as timely presents. In black and gold this example, recalling the 1930s original design, is stately. The cast resin barrel and lid are lacquer smooth and glossy, with handsome knurling (machined texture) in the resin. The gold bands are inlaid with exquisite precision, as are the golden buttons at each end of the pen bearing Kaweco’s art deco logo. The final detail is the elegant gold plated pocket clip.

German industry is known for its sedulous machines with famous labels. The pens produced by Kaweco echo this purity of design and function, but strangely the name is only familiar to pen aficionados. Kaweco has been making pens since 1883 (the curious name a conflation of the original founder members).

Feel the reassuring weight and balance of Kaweco’s industry in the Reading Room at Burford Garden Company, where we have a collection of their cult pens.

Colour: Black and Gold

Please note this pen is supplied with one unfixed cartridge in the barrel. Additional boxes of Kaweco Fountain Pen Cartridges in three colours may be ordered separately.

Material: Acrylic resin on machined aluminium, stainless steel nib, gold plated brass pocket clip

Dimensions: 135mm closed, 160mm with cap clipped on barrel

Care: Occasionally take the pen apart and flush out the nib with warm water.