Smart Moon Lamp

Levitating Smart Moon Lamp


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Evoking all there is to love about the Moon, through its stolid companionship on dark nights and phased cycle occurring like clockwork throughout the seasons, this scaled-down version will keep you company throughout the night from the comfort of indoors. Your very own mini moon that is present even when its larger brethren is out of phase, or masked behind a shroud of cloud.

A spectacular textured design, and 3D-printed for an accurate depiction of the moon's surface, the most stunning feature of this lamp is its magnetic levitation, with the light source wirelessly powered so that this its ingenuity comes into its own. With three lighting options, equivalent to the real moon's position in the sky, from a warm orange to cool frosty blue when at its zenith, you have choices when it comes to mood setting.

The base of the lamp comes in either walnut or ash, with touch-sensitive buttons, with the secure magnets housed inside leaving only a simple ornate wooden square on your desk. All to bring this celestial sphere down into your home for your own viewing pleasure.

Materials: Walnut or white ash wood base, PLA plastic


  • Wood base: 120x120x30 mm
  • Moon Diameter: 140mm

Weight: 800g

Lighting options: Warm white (3500k); white (5000k); yellow warm (2700k)

Power: 12V- 1A adapter (included)