Merpeople: A Human's History

Merpeople: A Human History


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Merpeople: A Human History

By Vaughn Scribner

Discover the merpeople and their place in the world’s societies throughout history, and how they have gripped our collective imagination, through this wonderfully illustrated guide to their world. The book will not only bring about insights into these mythical creatures, but also what they can tell us about ourselves. In one way, there is more to be said about the creators of them, as "the classification of merpeople 'is apt to tell us much about the classifiers as it is about the classified'".

Merpeople are accompanied by a huge variety of other mythical creatures that will also add context and aid in your understanding, as Scribner takes you back to the time to the adventures of Odysseus, right through to the modern take on merpeople as seen in film. In this book will be revealed the deeper secrets of myth, religion, and other facets of life.

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:21.0cm, W:15.9cm, D:2.54cm

Edition: August 2020

Extent: 320pp

ISBN-10: 1789143144; ISBN-13: 978-1789143140