Hydrangea Crystal Palace (pot sold separately)

Hydrangea Crystal Palace


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Most people associate the frothy blooms of hydrangeas with the glory of the garden in high summer, but Hydrangea Crystal Palace, with its mass of lime green flowers that with maturity turn to pure white, is a delightful foretaste of that joy. Perfectly happy as a beautiful indoor plant, it will flower (with a cool environment and plenty of water) for months on end. Because of this it makes the most delightful addition to almost any interior decorative scheme and is a superb, long-lasting present.

Pot size: 1-2L; Dia:14cm

H. Crystal Palace is shown here in a decorative planter from a selection on line or in store. (Due to the lip of the original plastic container we recommend an 18cm container.)



Alternative name: Indoor hydrangea, hortensia

Size: Pot diam.: 14cm, Plant: H:40cm x W:35cm  

Care: Keep in cool environment (12-25ºC) in semi-shade (not full sun) and deadhead as the blooms fade. Hydrangeas are very thirsty, water before the soil fully dries out (two or three times a week), should the plant wilt due to dryness, plunge the hydrangea pot in water for a few minutes until the bubbles stop rising to the surface of the water.