Perfect English Farmhouse

Perfect English Farmhouse


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Perfect English Farmhouse

By Ros Byam Shaw, photography by John Baldwin

 English farmhouses have been a mark of the British landscape for hundreds of years, and have come to be associated with some quaint and characteristic features that make them all the more endearing. Along with the surroundings that make them so special, nestled among green fields and forests, the farmhouse is an aspect of the British countryside that is as old as the agricultural landscape itself.

 Perfect English Farmhouse is an exploration of these spaces, taking you on a tour that explores the farmhouse's intimate relationship with the countryside, with the call to be more in touch with our green spaces. Surviving into modernity, the farmhouse has taken on a new life in the form of a family home, and so has given over more potential to see the spaces personalised, expanding the types of farmhouse on offer, and the elements that are idiosyncratic of each. Learn about the English farmhouse through eye-opening case studies; whether it is the thick wooden beams or the red bricks, there is a charm to these spaces, the stark and vivid imagery of which is brought to life through John Baldwin’s photos.

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:29.2cm, W:24.4cm, D:2.29cm

Edition: Revised, published 2017

Extent: 192pp

ISBN-10: 1849752028; ISBN-13: 978-1849752022