Pilo USB Fabric Shavers

Pilo USB Fabric Shavers


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Take better care of your clothes so they look better and last longer. Removing lint and pilling – otherwise known as 'bobbles' – is key to this. In a winning melding of high technology with Scandinavian design, the minimalistic-looking Pilo Fabric Shaver solves this issue with flair.

Beneath the stylish, smoothly tactile body of the Pilo Fabric Shaver, shaped to fit the hand perfectly, you will find a machine with an engine twice as powerful as any other fabric shaver on the market. The powerful motor runs for nearly an hour continuously from a single charge through a USB port on a computer or a smartphone adapter. With sharp, strong razor blades, it is the perfect portable tool to repair and smooth out a damaged fabric surface. The cap stays on by means of a magnet.

The innovative Pilo is gentle and works on all kinds of material, including cotton, synthetic fibres and wool (even delicate wools such as cashmere, merino and alpaca), so is fully prepared to tackle any pilling crisis.

Take it with you wherever you go – thanks to its small size and smart USB charging, this nifty little gadget can be of assistance to your bobbled clothing anywhere in the world!

Choose from: Matt Blue or Matt Pink

Dimensions: H:9cm, Dia:7.5cm; box – H:12.7cm, W:12.1cm, D:8.9cm

Weight: 327g

Voltage and frequency: 100-240V/50/60Hz

Power: 5W

Runtime: 50 minutes

Battery charging time: 5 hours


USB charging cord included, L:22cm.

Can be used worldwide.