A Bird A Day

A Bird A Day


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A Bird A Day

By Dominic Couzens

This excellent edition to the existing array of bird-watching books is nevertheless as insightful and inventive as any other.  The book provides the reader with a “a bird a day” throughout an entire year, with one even included for leap years.  Dominic Couzens has structured the book such that birds fall on days where people find them to be the most culturally significant for the time of year, relating the subjects to the cultures in which they are embraced.

Containing crisp, clear images printed on laminated pages, the birds are displayed in wonderful action poses, along with artists’ renditions of some of the more well-known birds, revitalising them with a creative flourish.

This book will make a suitable gift for any bird enthusiast, along with those who enjoy pieces of information containing a small dose of insight, adding some much-needed colour to one’s day.

Dominic Couzens is well-placed to write on this subject, being an active contributor for bird and wildlife magazines, alongside being a professional field trip guide.


"Perfect for dipping into, beautifully written, and great to look at." - Birdwatching, Book of the Month

Edition: 1st edition, 2020

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:22cm, W:15.6cm, D:3.5cm

Extent: 368 pages

Illustrations: At least one coloured illustration for each of the 366 birds recorded

ISBN-13: 978-1-84994-586-8