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Cabinets of Curiosities


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Cabinets of Curiosities

By Patrick Mauriè

This book on Cabinets of Curiosities is like a cabinet of curiosity itself, fascinating to peer into, impossible to ignore – and utterly beautiful. Divided into five chapters it traces the evolution of the often weird and wonderful collections of the Renaissance, right the way through to contemporary reappraisals.

Sumptuously illustrated and superbly researched by Patrick Mauriè (a collector himself) this book allows an insight into the differing mindsets of the various collectors and their myriad treasures, which cover the gamut from astounding craftsmanship and artistry, via sheer conmanship to the purely macabre and freakish.

In Oxfordshire, we have all benefitted from the avid collecting of Tradescant and Ashmole, whose cabinets of curiosities with their sometimes eccentric, sometimes exquisite contents were the basis for the now glorious Ashmolean Museum.


Extent 256pp

Illustrations: Fully illustrated

Dimensions: H: 31.5cm, W:23.4cm, D:3cm

ISBN-10  97805000515945; ISBN-13 978 0500515945