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Chilli & Mint (Signed Copy)


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Chilli & Mint: Indian home cooking from a British kitchen

By Torie True - Signed Copy

Torie True discovered her love for Indian dishes, spices and cooking techniques when she met her husband who was born in Kolkata. Inspired by the strong culinary traditions of Indian families, she began to make Indian inspired dishes using typically British ingredients. Her writing conveys the diversity and colour present in India’s food and lifestyle, offering both traditional recipes and those inspired by Indian techniques. 

Each chapter focuses on a different element of Indian food; from breakfasts such as Dholka, a Gujarati savoury steamed sponge cake, to a snack of sesame seed and pistachio balls, there is a recipe for every occasion. True also offers invaluable insight into spices and suppliers as well as suggesting multiple menus for dinner inspiration.


Dimensions: H: 24.6cm, W: 18.9cm

Number of pages: 240

ISBN: 9781910863879

Publisher: Meze Publishing