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Chiltern Classics

Revisit these classic tales released by Chiltern Classics as you have never seen them before in this absolutely stunning collection of some of the best-known works of classic fiction. With their lustrous covers and gold-edged pages, these books are assured to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Great thought has been put into making these covers, with their embossed design and exquisite individually tailored patterns, which emulate the themes of their respective books. Individually, the pages are also easy to turn and separate, with their own glossy finish and weight. Each edition also comes with its own page holder. Upon holding one of these books one will feel a sense of satisfaction in how tactile they are, stimulating the senses of touch and sight.

A Christmas Carol and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland also feature illustrations by Arthur Rackham and John Tenniel respectively.


Dimensions: 18. 7  x 12.9 x 1.2-3.5 cm

Extent: Varies

Other features: Black ribbon bookmark