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Crumb: Show the Dough Who's Boss

by Richard Bertinet


Bertinet trained as a baker in Brittany, subsequently he moved to Britain and set up a bakery and cookery school in Bath, where his ability was quickly recognised. Following his hugely successful and award-winning books on baking: Dough and Crust, Bertinet’s new book, Crumb takes the process of baking a step further, looking particularly at the texture of bread.

 ‘Great bread is all about the dough, the crust and the ‘crumb’ – the appearance and texture that epitomises a particular style of loaf.’

Through the pages Bertinet shares his expertise using clear text and step-by-step visual tuition. He demythologises the process of baking, stressing that the most important technique stems from a feel for and response to the dough and states and that expensive gadgets are unnecessary.

Arranged in six main chapters, the first two explain and discuss the baking process. The last four chapters are divided according to recipe categories: Rustic and sourdough, Enriched, Flatbreads and batters, Cooking with bread.

While exquisitely photographed by Jean Cazals, Crumb belongs not on the coffee table, but in the kitchen. With it you will produce such ravishing examples of the staff of life as Porridge, honey and raspberry loaves, Quinoa bread and Cornettis. 

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:26.6cm, W:20.8cm, D:2.4cm

Extent: 224 pages

Illustrations: Full colour photographs

ISBN-10: 0857835068, ISBN-13: 978-0857835062