Dior: The Complete Collections

Dior Catwalk: The Complete Collections


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Dior Catwalk: The Complete Collections

By Alexander Fury and Adélia Sabatini

Featuring over 180 stunning collections, presented through original catwalk photography, Alexander Fury’s Dior Catwalk details the very glamour and ethos of Christian Dior. Presented in a chronological order, the book charts the development of one of the most influential and luxurious fashion brands of all time.

This definitive publication opens with a concise history of the house of Dior, revealing its creators, inspirations and so much more, before exploring the various collections themselves, which are organized in chapters. Fury inaugurates each new 'era' in Dior's history through a brief overview and biography of the new designer, while individual collections are introduced by a short text unveiling their influences.

Supported throughout by jaw dropping photography from on the catwalk, we see all the splendour of the fashion industry, alongside some iconic rarely seen creations as well. A fashion lover’s dream, and ultimately a treasure trove of fashion inspiration.


Extent: 632 pages

Dimensions: H: 28.5cm W: 20cm D: 5.1cm

Illustrations: 1,100 original photographs 

Edition: 1st, 2018 

ISBN: 9780500519349

ISBN 10: 0500519349