Eat What You Grow

Eat What You Grow


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Eat What You Grow 

By Alys Fowler

In Eat What You Grow, Alys Fowler offers expertise on cultivating a rich and biodiverse edible garden that will attract wildlife, including important pollinators, but also provide you with incredibly nourishing and wondrously home grown crops. Through anecdotal advice, you will learn how to raise and nurture your plants; from trees and shrubs to bulbs and climbers, Fowler covers everything from where to plant them, how to feed the soil and when they should be harvested. She also suggests effective design techniques for ensuring that your garden looks as good as it smells and tastes!


Dimensions: H: 24.8cm, W: 19.2cm, D: 2.2cm

Number of pages: 192

Weight: 760g

ISBN: 9780857838988

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group