Eating for Pleasure

Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet


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Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet

By Tom Hunt

This engaging and thought-provoking book not only outlines its own necessity in our times, but also delineates the course of action we can all take to be part of the solution to our climate woes.  Extolling the virtues of eating well with the mindset to truly change the way in which our consumption of food impacts the planet, this book provides the understanding anyone will need to be convinced of the difference they can truly have on food consumption and its sustainability.

This book, while relevant to all of our lives, will find its most effective audience with the climate-conscious who feel that each of us has a small but significant role to play in the tackling of climate change, an issue which is not only the responsibility of nations, but individuals too.

At a glance, the book contains schematics to help readers of any level to understand our food’s relationship to the wider world and its unavoidable impact.  Eating for pleasure is the theme of the first chapter, followed by eating whole, predominantly seasonal plant-based foods with little waste.  Finally, Tom outlines the ways in which one can take all this further, through actions such as supporting better farming and buying from Fairtrade sources.  The second section of the books puts all of this constructive advice into practice, detailing meals suitable across the day from breakfast to dinner, with some sweet treats along the way.

Tom Hunt is in an excellent position to offer instruction on this topic.  He is a chef operating out of his award-winning restaurant in Bristol, where he puts all his advice into practice.  Tom also champions many causes, such as action on climate change in the form of sustainable food production and supporting those small farmers who provide well over half of all food internationally.


“[Tom’s] energy, commitment, and vision mark him out … Read this book and you will find inspiration, guidance and a whole bunch of bright ideas: things we can all do, right now, in order to eat well in the broadest sense.” - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, foreword.

Binding:  Hardback 

Edition: 1st, 2020

Extent: 240 pages

Dimensions: H:19cm, W:12.6cm, D:3cm

Illustrations: Colour and diagramatic explanations

ISBN-13: 978-0-85783-804-9