Entangled Life

Entangled Life


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Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds, and Shape Our Futures

By Merlin Sheldrake

Step into the fascinating world of mushrooms, as Merlin Sheldrake brings about a shift in perspective in the way you see the world and exposes it through the lens of the unassuming world of fungi. Sheldrake takes you on a tour of this bewildering world, exploring everything there is that we know - and do not - about this most strange kingdom of life.

Representing some of the smallest, microscopic forms of life, to the largest mycelium networks (considered to be the largest interconnected organisms by mass), you will be taken on an unexpected journey of discovery, as you explore the world of mushrooms, and through them the self.

Is it reasonable to talk about "mushroom intelligence"? What are their effects on the human mind? How are they able to possess certain insects and take control of their nervous systems? Sheldrake will aid in making sense of the connections and networks that fungi form, and how they have been used to emulate railway networks in Japan and even the major motorway routes in the UK.  When considering the ancient history of mushrooms, predating even plants, it is small wonder that they would be so fascinating.

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:16.2cm, W:17.3cm, D:3.8cm

Edition: September 2020

Extent: 368pp

ISBN-10: 1847925197; ISBN-13: 978-1847925190