fforest: Being, making and doing in nature

fforest: Being, making and doing in nature


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fforest: Being, making and doing in nature

By Sian Tucker

This sentimental book contains the story of fforest farm, a place in Wales run by a family of nature lovers, who use this book as a guide to explore the ways in which we can all become better engaged with nature and derive the pleasure from it that humans have done so for generations.

Consisting of beautiful double-page spreads of nature, this book truly captures the wonders on offer, particularly when it comes to Britain’s forests and coastlines. With explorations into phenomena such as clouds, stars, and the seasons, the book explores being in nature, and the concept of forest bathing as a way to be still and tap into your surroundings as they impinge upon the senses. Along with guides on what to create with nature through foraging and gardening, there is also a chapter on fireside activities, giving us each a way to reconnect with nature and others.

This book is sure to counteract the deficit we have in modern life where nature is concerned, in an effort to get us all to step outside and be enamoured by the offerings of nature. Teaching the ways in which to appreciate nature as it is, whatever the time of year, this book will be a great guide in this journey of discovery.


Extent: 192

Illustrations: Photographs

Dimensions: H:24.4m, W:19.9cm, D:2.7cm

ISBN-13: 978-0857835918