Finding the Mother Tree

Finding the Mother Tree


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Finding the Mother Tree: Uncovering the Wisdom and Intelligence of the Forest

By Suzanne Simard

“But man is a part of nature, and his war against nature is inevitably a war against himself” – Rachel Carson

Suzanne Simard brings us a fascinating study of the network that sustains our forests in Finding the Mother Tree, offering profound lessons on the importance of the natural world. Arguably the world’s leading expert in the understanding of trees, Simard distils the insights of a remarkable career in this accessible, riveting guide to all things arboreal.

Simard uses both her personal experiences and her ground-breaking findings to reveal the startling truths about trees: their cooperation, healing capacity, memory, wisdom, and sentience. Using fungal networks that grow deep underground, a ‘Mother Tree’, as Simard calls it, sends chemical signals to other trees, warning them of danger or providing the required nutrients for growth.

More than just a scientific study on trees, Simard details to us the metaphorical red tape that she had to bypass to get her research accepted within her field. Time after time, she is blocked by other foresters and ecologists yet with quiet perseverance she continued her research and built resilience. In studying the relationships between the trees, air, earth, and everything in between, she reflects on her own relationships, not only with other people but with the trees themselves. An interconnected story that shows us that scientific study is not just statistics, but a journey of passion and introspection that relies on the organic nature of the human mind.


Dimensions: H: 3.5cm W: 16cm D: 24cm

Extent: 368 Pages 

Ilustrations: Both full colour and black and white illustrations throughout

ISBN: 9780241389348

Edition: 2nd, 2021