Flourish: Gorgeous Garlands



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By Willow Crossley

Known for her most beautiful and extraordinary floral arrangements, stylist Willow Crossley turns a handful of fresh flowers into wonderful displays in her new book, Flourish.

Mixing 'hero' plants such as clematis, lupins, delphiniums and garden roses, with lush, green foliage (and not forgetting the odd ornamental fruit in the form of miniature pineapples), Flourish covers 38 floral projects.

Chapters are divided in to the four seasons, with several projects for each. For spring, try your hand at arranging Persian Buttercups (aka Ranunculus) in a mirrored vase so you appreciate the beauty of the underside of the flowers, or a blowsy garland of spring blossom. Giant hollyhocks, displayed en masse in all their glory, announce summer, and rambling vines of passionflowers make for a naturally beautiful outdoor table decoration. Crossley's eye-catching Lysiamachia Disco Balls  - a floral pompom drawing on loosestrife, white Larkspur, hydrangea heads and Great Burnet - must be the ultimate dinner party conversation starters. Umbrella ferns, arranged on mangowood candlesticks create a dazzling, slightly tropical arrangement for autumn, or tackle a dreamy door wreath simply using Old Man's Beard. Winter and Christmas in particular, highlight the pure beauty of hellebores and orchids, or a mass of paperwhite Narcissi planted on cork tree bark.

With stylish photography, Flourish provides useful flower arranging hints and tips, and for each project a list of 'ingredients' you will need to help you create some stunning floral displays for the home.