Gifts of the Gods: A History of Food in Greece

Foods and Nations Series (A History of Food)


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Foods and Nations

Gifts of the Gods: Andrew & Rachel Dalby; Feasts and Fasts: Colleen Taylor Sen; Delicioso: María José Sevilla; Al Dante: Fabio Parasecoli.

These remarkable books form part of a larger series that investigates both the iconic history and unique geography of foods throughout the world.  Each volume takes a fascinating region – for example the Greek Mediterranean or Spain – and explores the relationship between the development of food and how it impacted the societies of that country. They are the perfect gift for budding chefs, as they also contain recipes specific to their respective regions so one can emulate these dishes from their own homes.

Not only is the story of these regions told through the lens of its native foods, but one also really gains an insight into the toil of feeding nations, and how the ease of access and variety we now enjoy was hard-won through the work of millions who often never saw the benefits of the produce on a national level. Things to note for the curious are how in Feasts and Fasts the rise of vegetarianism came to be in around 1000 BC in India, or in Gifts of the Gods how different foods competed for dominance as cultures came into conflict. 

All books contain around 100 stunning illustrations, from historical art up to modern day food as it is sold on the streets of their native countries. Sit down, relax and get ready to learn about the history of the food that you love, and that you never knew before.

The reputable authors all come from backgrounds which establish them as authorities on each of their respective topics.  They are also from a diverse set of backgrounds, such as Andrew Dalby, a translator and historian based in France; his daughter and co-author lives on the island of Paros, south-east of Greece, where as owner of a café she comes into direct contact with this subject.


"Blending well-illustrated recipes into their graceful narrative, the authors offer a comprehensive survey of the evolution of Greek foods from ancient times to today…" - Choice

"Parasecoli’s knowledge of his subject is encyclopedic . . . the sheer volume of information packed into Al Dente makes it a valuable contribution to the field." - TLS

Binding:  Hardback. Each book also contains its own page marker


Gifts of the Gods: 1st, 2017

Feasts and Fasts: 1st, 2014

Delicioso: 1st, 2019

Al Dante: 1st, 2014


Gifts of the Gods: 384

Feasts and Fasts: 352

Delicioso: 344

Al Dante: 336

Dimensions: H:23.4cm, W:15.6cm, D:3cm

Illustrations: Colour and black & white photographs


Gifts of the Gods: 978-1-78023-854-8

Feasts and Fasts: 978-1-78023-352-9

Delicioso: 978-1-78914-137-5

Al Dante: 978-1-78023-276-8