French Countryside Cooking

French Countryside Cooking


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French Countryside Cooking: Inspirational dishes from the forests, fields and shores of France

By Daniel Galmiche

Multiple-Michelin-star chef Daniel Galmiche presents a fresh and accessible approach to French cooking, with his cookbook, French Countryside Cooking. French cooking centres around one maxim: start with quality ingredients, and the resulting flavour and freshness of the dish will shine. Thus, Galmiche details to us the importance of obtaining high quality produce.

Starters, mains, and sides are organised by the origin of their ingredients. From the meadow, gather flowers for a dandelion, wild thyme, and lemon cake. From the farmyard, make use of a chicken to create a beautifully clear and nourishing broth. Or from the sea, create fragrant lemongrass-skewered prawns with sauce vierge. Each recipe emphasises the endless ingredients we can source from nature and subsequently use to elevate authentic French classics.


First Edition, 2020 

Extent: 232 Pages 

Illustrations: Coloured illustrations throughout 

Dimensions: H: 3cm, W: 19cm, D: 24.6cm 

ISBN: 9781848993907