Great British Vegan

Great British Vegan


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Great British Vegan

By Aimee Ryan

Perhaps you need some convincing of the true benefits of partially adopting a vegan lifestyle, and what better way than through renditions on traditional British recipes? There may also be a fear of complexity, of the unfamiliar. Aimee Ryan is here to offer simple solutions, through clear and concise recipes. With a Great British spin on things, taking the best, including the Full English, Sunday Roast and Fish and Chips.

Not just for pure vegans, you can also reap the rewards and benefits of being vegan while still consuming meat and other animal products: the key is moderation. It can also be a great way to improving your diet and getting the right balance of nutrients.

With guides to help you choose the types of ingredients to use, and a list of where to find alternatives, which is now easier than ever thanks to supermarkets being well supplied. In short, simple, nutritious meals that will leave you sated.


Extent: 208pp

Illustrations: Coloured photographs

Dimensions: H:27.9cm, W:20.8cm, D:2.54cm

ISBN-10: 0711248990 ISBN-13: 978-0711248991

Edition: Illustrated, January 2021