Great Escapes Europe

Great Escapes Europe


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Great Escapes Europe. The Hotel Book

By Angelika Taschen

Texts by Shelley-Maree Cassidy

Travelling through hidden countryside, Metropolitan cities and diverse cultures Great Escapes Europe reveals the most extraordinary hotels across the world’s second-smallest continent.  Taschen’s photography is as well suited to your coffee table as it would be on a postcard and effortlessly transports you to a variety of amazing destinations. The accompanying words supplement the images perfectly, providing useful information such as directions, contact details and reading recommendations.

Taschen takes you to a variety of exquisite havens. August, an Augustinian convent in the heart of Antwerp, offers a truly luxurious and contemporary yet sympathetic adaptation of classic Flemish architecture. Within a few pages you are transported to the marble minimalism of Santa Clara 1728 in Lisbon, a complete picture of serenity.


H: 30.2 cm, W: 23.8 cm

360 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-7807-3

Multilingual Edition: English, French, German