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Great Thinkers - School of Life


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Great Thinkers

By The School of Life

Great Thinkers is a collection of some of the most important ideas of Eastern and Western culture – drawn from the works of the philosophers, political theorists, sociologists, artists and novelists that have the most to offer to us today. These include: Plato, Aristotle, Friedrich Nietzsche, Niccolo Machiavelli, John Ruskin, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Max Weber, Margaret Mead, Sigmund Freud, Coco Chanel, Andy Warhol, Jane Austen and Marcel Proust.

The thinkers in this book are clear, relevant and charming, with ideas that have the greatest importance to our times. This book contains the canon of The School of Life, the gallery of individuals across the millenia who help to frame our intellectual project. You will find yourself turning to these thinkers to illuminate the multiple dilemmas, joys and griefs of daily life.

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence.