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Greenery: Journeys in Springtime


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Greenery: Journeys in Springtime

By Tim Dee

In this wonderfully informed work from avid bird-watcher Tim Dee, we follow spring on its inexorable march at the speed of a swallow in flight, exploring it in all its glory from South Africa all the way to the Arctic circle over a period of eight months. A journey of this man and the people and places he encounters, we also gain insight into spring as it was captured through the eyes of D. H. Lawrence and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, among others.

His journey will take you across Africa and Europe, up into Scandinavia, through the months of December to July, at which point spring reaches the high Arctic. One gets to stop off at some wonderful destinations on the way, and discover Gibraltar from the perspective of a migrating bird across to Romania, up to the bird’s haven of Heligoland, a stopping point for countless birds as they migrate north.

A cosy book to read over winter to really tap into the essence of spring, allowing one to reminisce on those wonderful spring days and to be filled with the anticipation of the glories to come next season.

Edition: 1st edition, 2020

Format: Hardback

Dimensions: H:24cm, W:16.2cm, D:3.3cm

Extent: 368 pages

ISBN-13 : 978-1787330559