Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries

Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries


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Linda McCartney: The Polaroid Diaries

Photography by Linda McCartney

Edited by Reuel Golden


Dating from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s, these candid instant pictures, from Linda McCartney's vast archive, comprise portraits, still lifes, landscapes and interior compositions.

The selection focuses on the photographer’s distinctive way of seeing the world and her family, through charming and quirky portraits of Paul McCartney and the couple’s four children, capturing more than 200 real moments of everyday life.

The book also features luminous landscapes across Scotland and Arizona, as well as the odd celebrity, as well as compassionate images of cats, lambs, horses and hens. It’s a pre-Instagram glimpse into the life of an extraordinary family, a celebration of Linda’s legacy as a fiercely committed artist and of the instant magic of Polaroid film.

The Polaroid Diaries is prefaced with a foreword by Linda's friend, Chrissie Hynde, and an essay by art critic Ekow Eshun. These are reproduced at the end of the book, translated into French and German.


“McCartney’s skill as a photographer precedes this quirky, personal collection that will only strengthen her legacy. Many parents take casual snapshots of bathing children covered in foam, but only in McCartney’s lens is one transformed into an instant Klimt painting.”
—The Washington Post

Binding: Hardcover with slip jacket

Dimensions: H:26cm, W:26cm, D:3cm

Weight: 2.03kg

Extent: 232 pages

ISBN-10: 3836558114, ISBN-13: 978-3-8365-5811-2

Edition: 1st edition, 10th October 2019, multilingual edition (English, French, German)